Tue 04 Oct 2022 08:48

Winter Saturday League 2022-23

Hi Everyone,

Finalised Winter League Fixtures are below - yay and thank you for your patience! We start on the 1st October and now have 8 team in each division and I hope I've managed to fulfil all requests.

Following the NNA Committee Meeting on Tuesday, I can confirm there are numerous rules changes (many removed as they are standard INF Rules, to which we play) and some adjustments to make netball more accessible and enjoyable to all.

The big news is that Guest Players will be a part of the Winter League, following the same process as the Summer. Please note that Regional Players may only "guest" in the Premier or Division 1. Full process and guidance are also attached. Michelle Holliday has agreed to be the Administrator for this, so thank you Michelle, it wouldn't be possible without you ūüôā I will be asking for feedback from everyone about Guest Players early next year to see if this is working and should continue in the future. Results will be shared at the Clubs meeting in March.

I've included 2 league rule documents, 1 showing all changes in red (including the removed rules) and the updated version. Please read the League Rules carefully.

If you haven't sent your team sheets in already, I need them before the first league date please.

I'll be at NUSA on the 1st October with scorecards, so come and find me (FYI my hair is currently pink and purple, can't miss me!). You will need to print your own Pre-Match Checklists.

If anyone has any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.
See you all in a few weeks ūüôā

Vicki Ashman
Nottinghamshire Winter League Secretary

General Information

League rule reminders

  • No photography without written permission from the League Secretary
  • All players must be paid-up members of England Netball
  • All umpires must have attended an Umpires forum¬†CURRENT SEASON before they can umpire league matches

Click here for full league rules.

Venue reminders

  • No dogs on site please
  • No smoking on site please (this includes e-cigarettes)
  • No spectators inside the wire - this includes children
  • No parking on the grass, paths or in the disabled bays
  • Please take your litter away or put it in the bin


League Location

Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA)
Bramhall Road

Results Archive