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Last Updated November 2017

Scorers in Notts Leagues

Please ensure that anyone who scores on behalf of your club is aware of the following requirements which may differ from other league and INF Netball rules.

  • Each team must provide a scorer for every league fixture - Any team without a scorer MUST drop a player to take on this role.
  • Who can be a scorer - A supporter, a family member, a substitute i.e. they do not have to be affiliated to EN.
  • Team substitutes - If they are needed on court, the player leaving court should replace the previous scorer.

Scorers' Responsibilities

  1. Arrive in good time for the start of the game, get the scorecard from your team and check that the front has been completed fully before the game starts. No additions to the team sheet are permitted once the game has started.
  2. Stand together with your fellow scorer in a place designated by the umpires and work together as a team for the duration of the game.
  3. Print your name clearly on the front of the scorecard under your team name. If more than one scorer has been used, ensure ALL scorers’ names are filled in.
  4. Keep an accurate scorecard checking with your fellow scorer after every goal.
  5. At the end of each quarter, know when to change “odds and evens” (umpires will help with this if necessary).
  6. One scorer must call the score after every goal loudly enough for on court players to hear.
  7. Only when asked by an umpire, call the centre pass. (This will only happen occasionally if umpires cannot agree which team should have the next centre pass.)
  8. If both scorers think that the umpires have allowed an incorrect centre pass, IMMEDIATELY signal the closest umpire to stop the game by raising an arm and shouting UMPIRE.
  9. Do not coach, make comments or shout encouragement during the game.

You must not act as timers for any fixture even if specifically asked by an umpire! This is NOT your responsibility!!

If you or your club have any questions or need clarification on any aspect of scoring in our leagues please contact any of the following:

Liz Lorrimer – Saturday League Secretary       07951 600257
Jane Morrell – Sunday League Secretary         07786 630720
Merle Laur – Summer League Secretary          07756 741661
Pam Weatherby –  Notts Umpiring Secretary   07976 639875